Exhibition Proposals Suprematism versus Abstract

 I created a series of canvases in which I explore an imaginary collaboration between Russian suprematist artists Kazimir Malevich and El Lissitzky and American abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock. The purpose of my project was to capture the existential struggle between these powerful artistic imaginations. I see the artists feeding off their artistic conflict with one another -- learning from each other, joining forces to create original works. 

All the works are of a very large size. I painted them laying the canvases on ground and moved them to direct the flow of paint. While the drippings create the impression of being spontaneous and random, each line was meticulously controlled during the process of creation. The canvases are rolled and are not supposed to be stretched. Depending on where and how they are exhibited, I plan to adopt them to the specific environment and space. Some could be hung on the walls or from the ceiling, create an illusion of 3D without goggles, lay on the ground, bended around corners, rolled on cylinders or formed into shapes. The paintings will help define the space within which they are located - adaptable to any kind of space. While a larger and empty space is preferable, these can be displayed in corners, stairwells, lobbies and foyers. These works could also transcend the dimensions of a single space, flowing from one room into an adjoining area.